Shadow Fall review by Victoria Diener
Shadow Fall (Volume 1)
Age Range - Mature Young Adult
Genre - Adventure
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 14
Reviewer's Location - Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
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Shadow Fall is a science fiction book about a teenage girl named Maia who must find a way to save the world and everyone in it. An asteroid called Pandora is headed toward Earth and the people she loves. Time is short because of Pandora and its course. She is forced to become a completely different person physically, mentally, and emotionally. She must put her old life and feelings behind her to get one step ahead of the Emperor, her enemy, and his puppets. Because of her enemies and Pandora, Maia has a lot on her plate.

She will soon find out that by being a pawn or being someone else's puppet herself, and having unspoken feelings for another pawn, only makes saving the world a whole lot harder. Soon she has to deal with more than Pandora and ends up a thousand steps behind all her enemies. Maia vows to do whatever it takes to win—even if it kills her.



I enjoyed reading this book and would read it again in a heartbeat. Part of the reason why I loved the book was the action, adventure, and romance involved. I became attached to many of the characters, like Riser and Flame, and will be devastated to see many of them go, which is why I can't wait too long to read the next book in the series. On the same note, I would not mind at all to see a few get what's coming to them.‚Äč



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Content rating - some mature content

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Due to some content, I would advise younger children not to read this book. Some of the content included language and images children under the age of 13 should not read. In some scenes in Shadow Fall the main characters cuss, and in other scenes, some of the characters get very violent.

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