Shadow Fall
Shadow Fall (Volume 1)
Shadow Fall
How far would you go to save the one you love? Sixteen-year-old Maia Graystone lives in a world of fear. Trapped inside the hellish pit below Rhine prison with psychopaths and murderers, she spends every second worrying about the brother she left behind, knowing that if the other inmates don't kill her first, the asteroid hurtling toward the earth definitely will.  When a mysterious benefactor rescues her from prison and offers her a spot in the Shadow Trials, she jumps at the chance to receive a coveted place for her and her brother on the space station in the stars. Things get complicated when she's paired with Riser, a dark soul harboring his own reasons for wanting the Emperor dead. With the asteroid days away, the Trials looming, and her brother's fate hanging in the balance, she discovers the only thing more dangerous than the Emperor's court is her conflicted heart.    

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  • Adventure
  • Science Fiction
  • Series

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  • Mature Young Adult
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Shadow Fall is a book about a girl named Maia who is chosen to save her world and continue the race after Pandora (an asteroid) will make Earth uninhabitable. After many traumatic experiences, which she doesn't let define her, Maia makes it her mission to save the only thing left in her life that matters—her little brother. Bravery, guilt, grief, and even a little bit of romance all guide Maia to the only way she can save her brother and the world—kill the Emperor.

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Shadow Fall is the gripping tale of Maia Graystone, a disgraced Bronze-class girl. She is given a chance to partake in the Shadow Trials, a series of tasks given to Golds who have fallen from the elite Gold court. The winner earns a spot on the Hyperion, a spaceship waiting to save the Chosen from the firey wrath of the asteroid Pandora. Maia will have to choose her alliances carefully and the prince she is paired with will make her question everything, including the life and love she had in the Gold court. Maia must trust someone to survive, the question is who?

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Shadow Fall is written in a dystopian world where people are stratified into specific groups. The elite are classified as the gold, the middle class belong in the silver, the bronze whom are considered the poor are at the bottom of this social hierarchy, and the Chosen, whom are a small group of people whose sole purpose is to change the world from the impending asteroid that will kill millions.

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Shadow Fall is a science fiction book about a teenage girl named Maia who must find a way to save the world and everyone in it.

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Shadow Fall by Audrey Grey is a futuristic book about a girl named Maia and her desperate battle for survival. The deadly asteroid, Pandora, is screaming towards Earth, on a collision course with ultimate destruction.

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Shadow Fall is a book about Maia, aka Digger Girl, and her wild adventure. Maia is born a Bronze, which is at the lowest rank of society . Technology is banned, and because Maia's father has been secretly working on a project, he gets caught and killed.


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In a world on the brink of destruction, Maia Graystone has fallen from grace. Once a member of the Chosen—one of the few genetically perfect children selected to live on a space station and survive the destruction of Earth—Maia now lives in the Pit, barely enduring a difficult existence. When presented with an opportunity to escape the Pit and save the brother she left behind, Maia jumps at the chance. To enact her new benefactor’s plan, she must become someone completely different, but she must also be careful not to lose herself in her fictional role.

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