reGUARDing GRACE review by Jigub
ReGUARDing Grace
by Karen Leppert
Age Range - Mature Young Adult
Genre - Paranormal

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ReGuarding Grace by Karen A. Leppert is a unique story that compels you to keep turning the page and leaves you still craving for more when you’re done.  Jack Elliott is what they call an Amalgamate: a person that possesses three alters that have superhuman abilities.  Like other Amalgamates, he uses his unique gifts for carrying out orders as Guardians of the Delacroix Institute.  It would be because of his duty as a Guardian that he teaches Grace about her three alters, helping her to stop them from having control over her body.  Grace, an adolescent that has no suspicion that the voices in her head, the late nights of wondering the streets or even waking up with marks the very next morning is caused by someone else that has taken residence in her mind.  It isn’t until she meets Jack that she fears her secrets will be revealed, but because of that she creates even new secrets.  A secret romance will bloom, and only time will tell if these two will make each other stronger, or if they will be better off without each other.  Danger is around the corner, betrayal is inevitable, and their lives are being held by each other’s hand.  Read on to join the journey of Jack and Grace.


This is one of the few books that many teenagers can relate too.  The setting takes place at what seems like a regular high school, paralleling an everyday school day that contains gossip, drama, teenage angst, and even family problems.  What I really liked about this book is that it made me think.  I noticed that the main characters never fully communicated with each other and told the truth about their thoughts.  Personally, I know I have the same struggle and that just added to the fact that I can relate to the person even more.  Leppert does a fantastic job at creating a book that captivates the attention of its reader beginning on the very first page and ends the story in a way that gives the readers satisfaction.  I recommend this book to teenagers that are in dire need of a good read.

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Content rating - some mature content

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Sexual acts take part throughout the story.

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