ReGUARDing Grace
Karen Leppert
When a new student arrives at Mansfield High School, Grace Evans feels an inexplicable kinship with the boy. Strange feelings are not new to Grace, who has experienced lapses in time accompanied by injuries that defy logical explanation. As much as she tries to ignore this latest mystery, Grace cannot deny her already-troubled life is getting darker and more dangerous and wonders if this new boy knows her secret.Jack Elliott has always known what he is and believes his life is one of destiny and fate because of one person: Grace Evans, a young woman who has haunted him since the day she was born. Everything…his education, training, sacrifices…has led to this moment, but Jack‘s skills are about to be tested beyond his wildest imagination.

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  • Paranormal
  • Romance

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult
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ReGAURDing GRACE by Karen A. Leppert is an exciting love story with a twist. Grace may seem like a normal girl, but there is more than meets the eye. She is a host, she has three "alter egos" with superhuman abilities, her secret seems to be safe until Jack Elliott appears. He is part of a society of hosts and was assigned to help integrate Grace, but he is hiding a connection that goes deeper than she could ever imagine. But things are about to get dangerous when one of her alters starts secretly conspiring with an enemy after Jack's life and Grace's powers.

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ReGuarding Grace by Karen A. Leppert is a unique story that compels you to keep turning the page and leaves you still craving for more when you’re done.  Jack Elliott is what they call an Amalgamate: a person that possesses three alters that have superhuman abilities.  Like other Amalgamates, he uses his unique gifts for carrying out orders as Guardians of the Delacroix Institute.  It would be because of his duty as a Guardian that he teaches Grace about her three alters, helping her to stop them from having control over her body.

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ReGUARDing Grace is a very interesting novel because it involves elements of both psychology and the supernatural to create the ultimate DID (dissociative identity disorder) book. 

Jack has known Grace, or known of her, ever since she was born. She knows about him, too, however they have never met until now. They had a connection that involves knowing and communicating with each other. Yet only Jack seems to remember the entire thing, and you are  about to find out why. 

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