Nature Vs. Nurture
Nature Vs. Nurture
Nature Vs. Nurture
Alex Kane is a young, handsome & successful man living happily in Chicago Illinois. At this point in his life Alex has everything going for him, he has a good job managing his dad’s plumbing store, loving parents & grandparents who raised him to be a good kind-hearted man. He has several good friends especially his oldest and best friend Jacob; his charms have always drawn in the ladies but Alex only has eyes for one a beautiful nurse named Jessica from Sacred Island General Hospital where he volunteers. Alex has lived a truly blessed life but has always felt out of place like there was something separating him from other people and for good reason. A series of tragic events brings out a dark soul crushing secret kept from Alex by the people he trusts most since the day he was born, in a single moment Alex’s ideal life is thrown upside down causing him to question not just his life but the whole of creation and his place in it. Sent down a dark and dangerous path, Alex’s family & friends must race to find and stop him, they make it their mission to save Alex from himself before it’s too late both for them and for the world.

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  • Paranormal

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  • Adult
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There are numerous fiction and nonfiction stories written about the battle between heaven and hell. Glyn Williams’ Nature vs. Nurture can be added to this list. This eight-chapter fictional book delves into the war against heaven and hell. Emily and Robert Kane’s life is forever changed when Emily encounters a man at her front door with a proposition: agree to have his child, and all of her and her husband’s financial and personal troubles will vanish.

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