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Julianne’s Wish is about a young woman named Julianne Carter who has always felt an urge to leave her life in Ocean City and go somewhere else. After the passing of her mother, Julianne follows her heart and moves to Windsor Fields. There, she meets Forest O’Connell, a charming and mysterious coworker. Julianne feels an instant romantic connection to Forest, but she does not understand why she feels so strongly toward a man she's just met. She is apprehensive about this overwhelming emotion and adamant that she will not let the relationship develop beyond a friendship.

Initially, Julianne does not realize Forest is an elf from the realm of El’Faelin. His plan is to serve in his role as a gatekeeper in the human world and then return home. Falling in love with a human is not part of that plan. Julianne and Forest’s connection is undeniable, and it could only mean they are soul mates. Will the pair be able to make their love work before Forest’s time in the human world runs out?


Julianne’s Wish is an enjoyable and relaxing read. This book is entertaining and easy reading with little action. The writing is beautiful, and the plot is very well constructed. The ending feels a bit rushed but doesn't disappoint. I struggled with the initial introduction of the relationship between Forest and Julianne because it feels a bit awkward; however, this resolves itself as the book progresses. My interest was piqued as the relationship develops.

My favorite part of this book is its characters. I do not particularly care for the main character, Julianne, as I find her to be very bland. The only qualities that make her stand out are her outgoing nature and her desire to be friends with everyone. I adore every other character in this story, though. Forest’s character is so unique, and his way of life so different than the other characters. He is such a good being that people overlook his oddities. His love for the environment inspires me to do more to preserve it. The best characters are the book's side characters, whose personalities and traits are unique and well crafted. These characters have a positive impact and add such detail to the story.

This book is written from different points of view, the main one being Julianne’s. Forest and other characters' perspectives add depth to the storyline throughout. I was confused at times when a character’s perspective switches without warning between paragraphs, but I was still able to follow along. I truly enjoyed reading Julianne’s Wish by Marie Navarro.

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There is some explicit sexual content in this novel between the two main characters. A character is also sexually assaulted by another character.




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