Book Reviews by Reegan_Reads

The Blameless, written by E.S. Christison, is a captivating story of fantasy about a young woman named Brie, more formally known as Princess Briana of Predonia. Brie had lived a life of royalty with her mother, father, and her brother Falen. Just like Brie, Falen was an heir to the family throne. Their family was loved by the community to whom they served until tragedy struck. Brie is forced to escape the castle. After witnessing her entire family being murdered at the hands of a vicious, unknown army, Brie was forced to flee the life she knew.

Legendborn, by Tracy Deonn, is a fantastic novel about a young woman named Bree Mathews. Bree is currently attending an early acceptance program for high school students at a college in Carolina. Although an exciting privilege and one she was proud to be a part of, she, too, was having to cope with the recent loss of her mother, a heart wrenching event that made happiness seem nearly impossible.

 When parents bring children into this world, it is assumed they will provide for them and love them unconditionally. With that, it is also assumed they will teach them responsibility and to work hard to achieve goals in life. As children transition into adulthood, it can be challenging to let them take on adult responsibility, and sometimes parents struggle with that transition. In this story, a mother experiences that struggle and goes too far in assisting her daughter with her college acceptance.

 “Hope and Other Punchlines,” written by Julie Buxbaum, is a story about a young woman named Abbi Hope Goldstein.

"A Tale of Two Scotties," written by David Schecter and illustrated by Elena Adam, is a delightful animal adventure about two Scottish Terriers named Piper and Mac.

“Our Wayward Fate,” written by Gloria Chao, is a story about diversity through the eyes of a sixteen year old girl. Ali Chu and her family are a single Asian family who reside in a small town in Indiana.