A Force of Will A Shakespearean Fantasy Adventure ...
A Force of Will A Shakespearean Fantasy Adventure: Book I The Initiation (Volume 1)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy

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Set in a land both futuristic and prehistoric, this fantasy story features the protagonist Will. Will, as all men do at his age, undergoes a coming of age ceremony, a dangerous test of strength and courage. But for him, something goes wrong. Events occuring at the castle during his test change his life forever, and force him to flee before those who wish to kill him. With the king, his father, murdered, and his mother under the sway of the man who killed him, Will has no one to turn to and must use his wits, courage, and spirit to help him through the problems he encounters. But will it be enough?


I did not particularly enjoy this book, because although I can untangle most decorative language, this story was written in such an ornamental manner that it was nearly undecipherable. The addition of fictional terms and names for futuristic objects made this book extrememly hard to follow. Unnecessary word use further entangled the plot, and gross exaggerations and childish plot lines made it hard to enjoy. The combination of vocabulary that would confound a high-level scholar and a plot line that would bore an elementary student made it hard to gauge who the intended audience was. Confusing descriptions made for difficult transitioning between settings and people, so it was hard to tell what was happening during the conflict. It would make much more sense if the author made it so it was targeted at a specific audience, because the simplistic and unoriginal plot is that of a children's book, while the vocabulary is extremely high level, and in some places completely invented- such as that of the futuristic objects and ceremonies in the book. Because of this, I could not rate the book very highly. 

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I did not find any offensive material in the book, it seemed to be written with the content directed towards children so the content was inoffensive.

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