D.J. Wallace

D.J. Wallace, (AKA Doug Wallace), has been a writer in Hollywood, working in both Film and Television, for many years. He began his career writing for the TV Shows “Monsters” and “Tales from the Dark Side”. He went on to write the feature film “Sensation” which premiered on HBO and is currently distributed by Sony Entertainment.  After optioning several screen properties to independent producers, he sold the feature film “Sevens” to Warner Brothers, “Gargoyles” to Paramount, and wrote a Sci-Fi feature for Summit Entertainment. Early in his career he worked as a Story Analyst for NBC, Showtime, Imagine, and Turner Entertainment among others.  He was also a contributor to “Ask the Pros”, a book on screenwriting.  He has written two novels to date, the Sci-Fi Thriller, “Phase Out – The Liar’s Moon”, and Book One of the Fantasy Trilogy, “A Force of Will”. He is currently working on his third novel.