Fable Nation (series) review by sschu5
Fable Nation
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fantasy

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Age at time of review - 13
Reviewer's Location - Charlotte, NC, United States
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Mitch is just a regular boy until one exciting day brings him to a new exhibit at his local zoo featuring a high voltage electric eel. The janitor warns him not to get too close, but Mitch is drawn to the strange and fascinating creature. When it shocks him, it shoots him across the room. He and his dad promise not to talk about this to his mother or his sister.

When Mitch gets home, he loads the new game that he got for compensation and apology from his dad for getting electrocuted by the eel. After a little time playing, something weird happens. Mitch gets sucked into the game, and suddenly the graphics that seemed detailed down to the pixel take on a whole new level of reality. A strange boy that seemed only to be background character from the game becomes real and alive and asks Mitch for his help. It's a quest like any other in the game, but something's off, and the boy's not telling Mitch everything. All he says is that Mitch needs to rescue "her" from the dragon.

Not knowing what else to do, Mitch embarks on a long and crazy journey with the boy. Mitch has troubling worries about living inside a game, but he finds out there is a lot more going on than he thought. As they battle spiders, soldiers, and ghosts in their journey to rescue the girl and level up, they find out that not all is as it seems, and kindness sometimes helps more than violence. Find out what happens on their adventure by reading Fable Nation.


This book is enticing for its many levels of complexities. The intrigue leads to the suspense that reveals much while still making you curious about what will happen next. Behind every page is an adventure waiting to happen. Additionally, Mitch is a very well developed and thought-out character, which makes the story seem to come alive out of the pages, much like the game Mitch enters. Mitch is on an amazing journey that captures the perfect balance between fright and curiosity for both the character and the reader. Each step on his voyage flows right into the next one and the diction is picked perfectly so the words convey each emotion, trial, and feeling of both the character and the action that is going on.

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Content rating - nothing offensive

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