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Michael is nearly alone in the world; he is cut off from his family, his friends, he doesn't have a job, and he lives by himself. He is desperate for any job that he can get and fills out multiple newspaper ads for work. When one finally reaps an interview, he is nervous and prepares himself with answers to questions the interviewer might ask. Surprising himself, Michael gets the job and returns to his apartment happy but confused about what this job entails. In his excitement, he forgets to ask about pay, benefits, hours, and what he would actually be doing.

Rex finally gets to take a vacation, even if it is only to his aunt and uncle’s house. He’s excited to spend the summer away from home and to ride in an airplane for the first time. As an artist, Rex tends to notice things others might not so when he sees a strange-looking cloud from the plane he is intrigued and quickly draws it.

After relieving Imperial ArcNos from the clutches of the Avatars of Fate, the Hybrids and their friends now feel the weight of five years of secure jobs and building families. When the Avatars of Fate start making moves again, the Hybrids are forced to forsake their jobs in order to once again help their country defend itself.

ArcNos is a country with wishes to conquer, with CreSam, their leader, at the head of it. His reign promises to be brutal and cruel; however, many dare not stand against him. Also, in this world are many other countries that have varying ties to one another. Spread across these countries are people called Hybrids. The Hybrids' unique capabilities make them unmatched in the battlefield. Some have superior eyesight, while others can control water, and they have numerous other abilities.

Shy Spy is watching over Cindy from heaven, trying to guide her on her walk of faith. Cindy questions everything, especially the dreams Satan sends her. She is trying to find out what she believes in when some strange things happen to her...even when she does not realize it. Meanwhile, Shy Spy is making a biography of Cindy’s life and attempting to keep her on the straight and narrow path. Will Cindy find out why these weird things keep happening? Will Shy Spy be able to keep Cindy out of Satan’s clutches?

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