Book Reviews by sschu5

Tomas has recently passed on and gone to Heaven. The Land of Plenty is vastly different than he expected. Tomas' angel guide has come to help him through his path to God and to help him with how confusing Heaven is. God has split the Land of Plenty into many different levels to accommodate the many types of believers. Those who lived a clean and virtuous life are initially put on a higher level than those who do not. However, all who come to Heaven are allowed to work their way up the levels as they mature and grow.

A sad and lonely college student is surprised one summer night by an alien. While this might sound like an old-fashioned story, it is not like any one you have ever heard before. This Earth-Human, as the aliens call him, is lured to another planet by candy and impressive technology where he is supposed to embark on a quest to save a planet full of people he does not know, from two of the most terrifying people in the universe who he also does not know. 

A group of contestants enter a competition to win a large sum of money, but there's a catch... the game can maim, hurt, and injure but not kill. In a deceptively innocent arena filled with children toys and loud carnival type music, these contestants complete challenges. The game ends when all the challenges are completed by a person or after two weeks. After a challenge is completed, a gift is awarded either sodas, candy, or other partly useful objects. 

In a world in which our technology is a very real part of us it becomes difficult to separate from it. However, with this much monitorization and entanglement of computers and humans it is not difficult to see that our media sources and the stories, augmented or real, that are put out  quite literally control the way we think.

Michael is nearly alone in the world; he is cut off from his family, his friends, he doesn't have a job, and he lives by himself. He is desperate for any job that he can get and fills out multiple newspaper ads for work. When one finally reaps an interview, he is nervous and prepares himself with answers to questions the interviewer might ask. Surprising himself, Michael gets the job and returns to his apartment happy but confused about what this job entails. In his excitement, he forgets to ask about pay, benefits, hours, and what he would actually be doing.