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Fable Nation 2- Journey to Africa
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fantasy

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In the amazing sequel to Fable Nation, Fable Nation 2: Journey to Africa, Mitch goes on another exciting journey through the video game Fable Nation that he got sucked into in the last book. In the next level in the game, he is in Africa and has to face many new obstacles. A person from the outside world, Furrina, that won’t tell Mitch anything about herself, believes him and continues to help him throughout this level as she did in the last book. As she investigates the virus that is ravaging the game and will soon make its way into the world wide web, Mitch continues to complete quests so he can level up. On his many adventures, he finds that kindness is a better motivator and reaps more rewards than hurting others does. As they battle inner and physical struggles, they must keep their goal in mind and remember who the real enemy is.


This book is just as well written as the first one, maybe even better. With the deadline for destroying the virus looming closer, Mitch and his friends have to hurry so they can beat it. As they progress through the level, the suspense heightens as a result. The plot defines many lessons and themes as Mitch goes on his journey, lessons that every kid and adult should know. Dialogue and action convey the characters in a way that adjectives could not, all the while keeping the characters real so that we too can relate to them on their journey.

I love this book because of the attention given to each detail and each word. This highlights every decision made, and it seem as if the book is real and taking place right in front of you. In some books you are a backseat reader, but in this book you are a front seat character aware of every decision. For anyone wanting an exciting and carefully and beautifully written read, then this is the series (and the book).

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