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From a Distant Star
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fiction

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Age at time of review - 16
Reviewer's Location - Canoga Park, California, United States
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Emma is thrown into a whirlwind of bewildering events when she seeks supernatural help to revive her boyfriend, who is cancer-ridden.  Meanwhile, a peaceful extraterrestrial explorer crash-lands on her boyfriend's farm and possesses his comatose body. Soon, government agents start hunting the alien down, as well as anyone offering him assistance. In order to get her boyfriend back and safely return this alien visitor to his home planet, Emma and the alien embark on a thrilling adventure of courage, humanity, and friendship.


Although From a Distant Star by Karen McQuestion reuses elements prevalent in classic science fiction, the author does a splendid job of placing a modern alien and human encounter into a comprehensible reality. The premise of a human aiding a harmless extraterrestrial on the run from the government can be found in many science fiction stories and does not fail to appear in this one. However, the characters captured my attention and kept me interested in where they would end up next.
I felt that this story did a sufficient job of transporting me to the places and situations in which the characters found themselves. I could not find any note-worthy flaws in the book. It kept me interested throughout the entire read.
An aspect of the book that I admired was its remarks on the nature of humanity. These thoughts were given with a questioning yet hopeful tone. This book displays both the good and bad caused by the human race, and prompts its readers to strive for something better. The juxtaposition of the two main characters from different planets allowed for many amusing scenarios as well as a thought-provoking narrative. 
I found Karen McQuestion's writing style in this book to be accessible and conversational in the best way possible. From a Distant Star would be a perfect summer read for enjoying next to the poolside or in a backyard hammock.
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