The Cydonian Pyramid review by nowhereman
The Cydonian Pyramid (Klaatu Diskos)
by Pete Hautman
Age Range - Mature Young Adult
Genre - Fiction

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If you read the first book, then you know that you never had the pleasure of reading about Tuck's adventure in Lah Lia's point of veiw. In this book, the second one, you learn just how Tuck saved her from sacrifice and all about the society of the Lah Sept. Lah Lia then goes off on an adventure of her own back inside the society of the Lah Sept. Tucker also goes off on an adventure of his own, going to past, present, and future, just like Lah Lia's adventure. This book is an excellent time-traveling adventure just like the first one!


I thought that this book was ok compared to the first one. The first one set a level  of action and adventure that you think the second one would at least reach, or prehaps even go over it, but it didn't. It was a disapointing read. I thought this one would be an excellent follow-up to the first one, but it just got confusing with all that was going on. I think the author could have presented the story in a less confusing way, or at least included a list of names and descptions, because they are a lot of chacters in the book series to keep up with. Overall, I realy wouldn't recommend this book to people. 
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