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A Bridge in the Forest (The FeyTerrah Series)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure
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A Bridge in the Forest by Marie Navarro is a wonderfully written story. Lily Kingman has lived a normal life so far. One day, just after she starts college, the Kingman's family friend, Mrs. Rose Beth, gives Lily a necklace that will choose her future spouse. Lily thinks it is just another fairy tale until she finds a gate that leads her to a world of elves and fairies, FeyTerrah. A group of Fey comes upon a girl sleeping by the river and brings her with them on their quest for Holly of the House of Merryfield. A week into journeying with this group, Lily goes through a metamorphosis and finds out she is a fairy.
Lily finds herself falling in love with Dreamer Riverlord. He, too, is in love with her, but she has the Kelyart necklace to follow. After returning to her world and bringing Dreamer, Nicholas, Dexy, and Sir Elo with her, she must make a very hard and painful choice between FeyTerrah and Earth. Both are her home, but what about her love for Dreamer and the necklace? How will she ever choose? Find out in this gripping novel. 


A Bridge in the Forest is a well-written story. I look forward to reading Marie Navarro's next book about her charming characters. I would recommend this book to readers ages 10 and up because younger readers may not understand some of the content. An expansion of this story that I would like to see would be a book about FeyTerrah before Holly Merryfield ran away and more of what its society is like. Even though FeyTerrah is a fictional world, Navarro's writing brings it very close to reality.

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Two characters sleep together.




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