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The Magic of Meliwick Orchard is a wonderful story about a girl whose life has been flipped upside down. Not only has her little sister gotten sick but her parents have forgotten about her in the process. Isa's parents don't notice when her shoes grow gaping holes and when she wears the same clothes over and over. They don't even remember to pick her up from school sometimes. One day, she takes a hike into the 'haunted' orchard behind their home and finds a chance seedling. She buries her shoes there because they are pretty worthless.

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Trailing Tennessee is wonderful story about a boy who takes up a quest to hike the Appalachian Trail to the tree where his grandfather and father previously carved their names into the trunk. Being in the forest has always intrigued him, but now he is going to hike new territory for what might be a span of weeks. Along the trail, he is not only faced with the challenge of avoiding rangers who are searching for him, but he must also fend off attacks by hostile spirits of the forest. Will he make it to the tree or will he be stopped along the way by rangers or spirits?

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Rodeo Snow is a relatable and well-written book. Eugene Snow is a normal teenager who wants two things: to get his driver's license and to win the skating competition. The latter of which he feels pretty confident about because of his $300 skates. While pursuing these goals, he meets a girl, Corinne, and adds winning her heart to his list of priorities. Eugene has never loved his name. His parents named him after some peacenik presidential candidate from a few years back.

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