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Willa is the story of a girl who has spent her life traveling around the world to military bases with her dad. Her father gave her a statue of a creature he calls Baku, a dream-eater. One night, the figure is knocked off of her nightstand and shatters. This is devastating. Willa has always had a vivid imagination. Now her dreams become a second reality. She meets new friends and is given a quest to defeat an age-old enemy of the dream world. Baku. Using her newfound power, she sets out to defeat him. Will she succeed, or will this evil monster devour her as well?

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Rodeo Snow is a relatable and well-written book. Eugene Snow is a normal teenager who wants two things: to get his driver's license and to win the skating competition. The latter of which he feels pretty confident about because of his $300 skates. While pursuing these goals, he meets a girl, Corinne, and adds winning her heart to his list of priorities. Eugene has never loved his name. His parents named him after some peacenik presidential candidate from a few years back.

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Camila has kept a secret all her life; she has been tossed around between relatives ever since her mom was incarcerated and sentenced to death for killing in cold blood. Now, in high school, she has a strait-laced, A-student boyfriend, but she still has not told him her secret. She's OK with ignoring her secret and trying to live a normal life. Camila wants to be seen as someone worthy of love and a second chance, not some dangerous criminal's daughter.

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Returning to Normal is a wonderfully insightful book that addresses real-life problems faced by teenagers whose parents are in, or returning from, prison. Xavier has a pretty good life. He and his girlfriend get along really well. His baseball coach is hopeful for Xavier's career, and his dad is coming home soon. What he doesn't expect is that his dad will be a totally different person who might ruin everything. His dad is always angry with him when he isn't drinking or lecturing Xavier. Things go downhill from there.

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