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Risking Exposure
by Jeanne Moran
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Historical Fiction

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Risking Exposure is a beautifully written novel about Sophie Adler, a young aspiring photographer in the late 1940s living in Germany. She was very cheerful and calm until she was diagnosed with Polio, a dangerous virus that weakens and paralyzes all muscles in the body. While Sophie is fretting about recovering, her family is being dragged into a criminal case - treason! Mr. Adler, baker and photographer, has been taking terrifying photos of the truth of Germany, the horrible truth, and has been sentenced for betrayal of the Fatherland, along with Sophie's mother. Will young Ms. Adler recover in time to finish what her father started?


This book got me thinking about the many problems people had long ago. The characters were so easy to empathize with, yet, I could never have faced what they faced. In every paragraph, a new realization comes. I now understand how lucky I am. Wouldn't it be terrible to experience pain just by holding a camera? And the beautiful part is, I think Jeanne Moran wrote this book to open up a world to her readers, the wonderful world of sympathy and passion.

Another touching story of polio, a true one, is Wilma Rudolph's life. After reading a biography on her, I realized that the author may have slightly stressed Sophie Adler's weaknesses. Overall, I rate this book 4/5.

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There is some mild violence but no terrible gore.

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