Risking Exposure
Risking Exposure
Risking Exposure
Jeanne Moran
Munich, 1938. A timid 14-year-old Hitler Youth member contracts polio. Photographs she takes of fellow polio patients are twisted, turned into propaganda which mocks people with disabilities. That's when she realizes - her new disability has made her an outsider in her own country, a target of Nazi scorn and possible persecution. Her only weapon is her camera. This book is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree for Historical Fiction. For fans of The Book Thief, Number the Stars, and Code Name Verity. 

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  • Historical Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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For a small town girl in Nazi Germany, everything seems fine and happy. Sophia Adler is living her dream as a photographer, and gets to work in the Nazi party doing what she loves. One day she notices something strange about herself. She has a weird twitch in her leg and it won’t go away. Nights later she catches a horrible disease called polio.

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Risking Exposure is a beautifully written novel about Sophie Adler, a young aspiring photographer in the late 1940s living in Germany. She was very cheerful and calm until she was diagnosed with Polio, a dangerous virus that weakens and paralyzes all muscles in the body. While Sophie is fretting about recovering, her family is being dragged into a criminal case - treason! Mr. Adler, baker and photographer, has been taking terrifying photos of the truth of Germany, the horrible truth, and has been sentenced for betrayal of the Fatherland, along with Sophie's mother. Will young Ms.

Sophie lives with her father and stepfamily in Germany. She is thrilled to be chosen as her village's photographer for the Hitler Youth, the Nazi Party's youth organization, but her plans quickly fall apart. Before her father leaves to take photographs of the war, he instructs her to photograph the whole truth, no matter how harsh. That will take tremendous amounts of courage, forcing Sophie to see things she’d rather block out.

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