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Risking Exposure
by Jeanne Moran
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Historical Fiction

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Age at time of review - 12
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For a small town girl in Nazi Germany, everything seems fine and happy. Sophia Adler is living her dream as a photographer, and gets to work in the Nazi party doing what she loves. One day she notices something strange about herself. She has a weird twitch in her leg and it won’t go away. Nights later she catches a horrible disease called polio. It impairs her ability to work a camera or do anything for that matter, making her a target for the Nazi party. She wonders what she should do. Turn in her incriminating pictures to the Nazi party, or risk exposure by leaking them? What would you do?


I personally loved the book, but some things about it scared me. An example is you have no freedom of speech. If any of Sophia’s letters had been incriminating, she would have been detained like the rest of her family. I could never imagine living in that fear; the fact that if the party wanted you gone you would be gone makes me question how Sophia felt? The book made my heart race from beginning to end; there was never a dull moment. Sometimes I felt such sorrow for the characters I wanted to stop reading, and wish I could come back to a happier story. If you are looking for a meaningful and realistic story (by that I mean not overly happy), then this is a book for you!     

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At one point Boys of the Hitler Youth Group are shooting at a cross.




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