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ReInception written by Sarena Straus is a science fiction/futuristic novel for adults.  To start with, a definition of ReInception means modification, and in the story, the characters are modified in such a way that various behaviors are changed or deleted like eating junk food and now eating healthy. They can also change themselves physically.  The story is set in New York City in the 22nd century.  The main characters of Leandrea, Hallyn, Andromeda, and Kammeo are university students who seem to want to live their own lives and make their own decisions and choices.  One night, they all decide to go to a demonstration for ReInception after visiting a nightclub in a bad section of town.  They head to the demonstration, and something drastic happens and everyone starts running.  This is when Leandrea meets Ward, a Prole (a person who is not modified and looked down upon).  Leandrea and Ward play a trick on Andromeda and get needed information that ReInception is wrong the way the leaders are spouting it.  Ward and Leandrea head off to the Marshes of New York City in search of "The Origins" and how to live better.  Will Leandrea and Ward find what they are seeking?


Sarena Straus wrote this story of two different worlds that should not meet, but they do: one community is of opulence and the other, the poor.  This is a truly futuristic and intriguing story that will have the reader wonder if the future could be like this. The story moves at a fast pace due to the writing style of the author who is also very descriptive in the scenes and characters depicted. The reader will want to befriend these characters at times in the story.  Here is a question that this novel poses: How important is it in making your own choices that will affect your life?  ReInception shows and tells us the good and bad aspects of behavior modification.  The author shows us that making our own choices will have repercussions, but we will work them out with our friends and that no one is perfect in an imperfect world.  The story is one that will keep you reading and get you thinking: What if this could really happen?  As a side note, the glossary at the back of the book was helpful in that it did define the vocabulary that the characters used, but I think it should have been at the front of the book.

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Quite the adult read.




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