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Oneiros by Woodrow M. Bell is a futuristic story about earth-destroying dangers, space-trekking adventures, government intrigue, and human relationships intertwined in the adventures. The story begins with explosive dangers and moves us into the danger that threatens the earth: earth-crushing meteors cascading down upon the earth. But, there is deep mystery.   From where are the meteors coming? Why does it appear that the earth is being targeted by these meteors? The main character, Asher, is sent up into space to discover the secret to the meteors. His choices will determine the outcome for the earth, for his family, and for himself. With plenty of cool biotech at his disposal (tech that makes our smart phones look outdated), mutiple universes and timelines, and religious and military groups involved, the stakes are high. Asher's story makes us all ask: If you could see the impact of your decisions and could go back and do it over again, would you make different choices? And how does that thought give us pause in the choices we make every day?


Oneiros by Woodrow M. Bell is a sci-fi story with some common elements from other sci-fi stories but with fresh twists on the genre. The dialogue is sharp and smart and keeps the reader guessing about what's really going on. Asher himself as a character is conflicted but flawed and selfish. I'm glad for his redemption in the story. The one character that really shines is Asher's father who is wise, insightful, patient, and courageous. Even with the time travels and multiverse, the author sticks to his theme that choices matter because choices have consequences. The author is also asking an intriguing question: Do our choices have consequences across time and universes as well? I would love to read a sequel to this book! I want to know what happens after and whether all things are resolved as Asher hoped.

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There are some tense scenes between husband and wife, strong language in parts, and some sensuality/sexuality, but not explicit.

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