My Date From Hell (The Blooming Goddess Trilogy Bo...
My Date From Hell (Blooming Goddess Trilogy Book 2)
by Tellulah Darling
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy

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Sophie's at it again. Except this time she's racing against the clock. Will she be able to defeat her arch nemesis Bethany, whose claim to fame is a magically enhanced tattoo that makes those around her worship her?  Will Sophie outsmart and outrun the warring sides' minions and Zeus and Hades themselves? Will she and Kai finally work out their issues and put the past behind them and focus on the present and future? In the second installment in The Blooming Goddess Trilogy, Sophie will have to face these important questions. With a little help from Aphrodite, she may defeat her enemy, get the guy, and make it back in time for a school meeting. Filled with snarky comments, loveable Sophie moments, and unforgettable characters, My Date from Hell is sure to leave you satisfied and anxious for the next book.


The book was amazing, with new additions to the Sophie crew making life even more interesting and funny for Sophie. And the major twists the author throws in kept me reading even after I was ready to go to bed. However there were some key points that I thought needed work. The ending of the book seemed rushed. Sophie finds out Fiona is really Demeter; Demeter, who was known to adore her daughter and ended up killing her. I wish there had been more time for that to sink in for Sophie and the reader before moving on to the next big shocker. And when Kai decides to leave her, that came out of the blue. Within the space of a couple chapters, he professes his love, says he knows the difference between Sophie and Persephone, and then proceeds to dump her when he learns that Persephone had betrayed him, meanwhile lumping Sophie in the same boat as Persephone. That didn't sit right. And the big change in Bethany at the end was confusing. I'm sure that it hadn't been two days, and the way Bethany is described sounds like something that would happen with more time. Overall I was greatly pleased with the book.

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There were some intense kissing scenes. And a brief moment of torture




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