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Federico Exaggerated is a classic tale of The Boy Who Cried Wolf but instead of a boy, the main character is a bird! This story will take readers on a Spanish and nature-filled journey near the Rio Grande with a covey of quail and one specific bird, Federico, who is charismatic and full of exciting stories. While Federico is telling his covey about a riveting story, one of the quail announces that berries have been spotted. Next thing Federico hears is a loud stampede of hungry birds and no one to listen to his story. While Federico trails behind the group, he finds something unbelievable! What did he find, and will his friends believe him? Read this exciting story to find out!


Federico Exaggerated is a story full of bountiful illustrations, vocabulary, lessons, and interesting characters. First, the book has a plot similar to The Boy Who Cried Wolf. If readers have read that book before, they will understand the plot behind Federico Exaggerated. However, there are some key differences that make this book unique. Federico may be similar to the boy in the former story, but he still possesses qualities and strengths that readers can learn from that are specific to Federico like bravery, charisma, and honesty. The story also incorporates themes and lessons that are beneficial to young readers like imagination, honesty, determination, and self-confidence. Spanish culture is sprinkled throughout the story, which is very educational and inclusive for readers. A vocabulary list with definitions is included at the end of the book to help readers understand the book in detail. Finally, the illustrations are vibrant and contribute to the characters’ personalities, Spanish culture, and educational content on each page. Overall, this book is a perfect story for young readers to learn from and have fun reading!

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