Hazel Pacheco

So, what does a part Hispanic, part Native American woman, who has lived her entire life in New Mexico, know about growing up on a farm in the predominantly German and Scandinavian mid-west? Simply put . . . I married into it.

Back in the day when I was dating, I had a dear friend tell me if I found someone who had a happy childhood, he’d be a good catch. I didn’t give it much thought at the time, but it may have been a premonition on her part. I hit the jackpot! It turns out the love of my life had a wonderful, happy childhood growing up on a farm in the country. I lived a sheltered childhood with no bold, exciting stories I can recall. But over the years I've listened to my husband and his cousin talk about their mischievous escapades. It inspired me. I decided those kinds of memories needed to be shared. Life isn’t perfect, so I believe in cherishing times worth reminiscing. They are our legacies.

After the seed was sown for That’s How It Was, for a long time, I thought “someday I’ll write a children’s book.” Someday finally came. Amidst the pandemic, writing this book has been an especially joyful adventure.


Hazel Pacheco


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