Book Reviews by book.maddie

Sticky Icky Vicky - Courage Over Fear is a picture book about a little girl named Vicky who loves to be sticky and icky and gross. She hates baths! However, there is a reason that Vicky avoids baths. She fears water because she had a scary experience. Throughout the picture book, Vicky is challenged to overcome her fear of water and go swimming with her friends. She struggles with courage because she has a negative voice speaking to her named Ned. Vicky is constantly told that she can’t conquer her fears, so will she succeed? How will she overcome this fear? Will it be worth it?

North’s Pole is a picture book set in the North Pole in Santa’s Village! The elf, North, is the leader for all new elves who need a job in the Village. After successfully placing elves in their perfect roles, North notices that the elf, Tess, is without a job and is very upset about it. It is North’s job to help Tess find her niche in the village, so they visit various places within the village to discover Tess’s true role. After visiting places like the bakery, the workshop, and more, Tess realizes her talent!

Bellies to the Sky follows four different animals in their respective habitats before the mother guides the young off to sleep for the night. In each place, the animal takes time to breathe in and out and relax before drifting into a soft slumber. The fierce lions in the Serengeti look to the orange sky and relax their fingers and toes after a long day of hunting and playing. The alert wolves in the arctic mountains look to the snowy stars and relax their legs and hips after guarding and running.

No Dinosaurs Allowed follows the story of a kind dinosaur and his struggle to fit in with the human neighborhood around him. His owner tries to find places for Teddy the dinosaur to play like the zoo, the library, and birthday parties, but everyone says that Teddy is too big. Finally, at the park, Bobby finds a group of kids who begin to love Teddy because he lets them swing on his tail and slide down his long back. After this, Teddy is seen in a new light among the community, and he is allowed to participate in all sorts of fun activities!

Ping Meets Pang is a cute and quirky book about pandas and their differences. Two little pandas live in the same place, but they don’t know each other or anything outside their side of the panda palace. When they encounter each other, they are surprised by their differences but also their sameness. The pair of pandas discover something about themselves and each other throughout their encounters and adventures together in the panda palace.

In another cute and quirky story about Cooper the dog, this picture book gives us a new perspective on making friends despite differences. Cooper the dog is as adventurous as ever, and this time, he spots a potential furry friend. However, this animal does not look like him. In fact, it is a rabbit! Everyone thinks Cooper chases Jack the bunny like a normal dog chasing after a furry animal, but Cooper just wants to be friends.