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Travels with Zozo: and the Bears is the first book of a fun series about a fluffy bunny rabbit named Zozo. Zozo gets to travel the world alongside her loving family. In Book One, Zozo and her family travel to Alaska where they kayak down a beautiful river. Along the way, the group encounters all sorts of native creatures, and Zozo embarks on an adventure of her own when she encounters a bear named Tarrak. When Zozo decides to help Tarrak find his family, she discovers loads of interesting facts about bears and Alaska.

Travels with Zozo: in the Fjord is an exciting second book in the Zozo series! On a new adventure in Norway, Zozo is enjoying spending quality time with her family in Scandinavia, and she is noticing how incredible her sister, Jazz, is at inspiring others to be their best. As Zozo and her family head inside to take a nap, Zozo’s attention is caught by a sea eagle. Zozo soon becomes friends with the sea eagles, Mikkel and Hanna.

Travels with Zozo: on the Reef is the third book in Zozo’s travel series. On this adventure, Zozo and her family travel far to Australia to explore the Great Barrier Reef! When Zozo and her family set out on the transparent-bottom boat, she begins to feel affected by sea sickness. Her mom advises her to rest, so Zozo is slowly lulled to sleep by the cool water splashing and rocking the boat. Suddenly, she is swimming underwater! Zozo sees the Great Barrier Reef up close, and she meets some friends like Bonzer, the ray, along the way. Then Zozo wakes up!

Travels with Zozo: on the Salt Flat is another book in the series with Zozo. For this adventure, Zozo and her family travel to Bolivia to the largest salt flat in the world. When the group arrives to the cactus-covered island, Zozo sets out to explore the place herself. While she explores, she hears flamingos crying for help. After she helps her new friends, they teach her all about the history of the salt flat and how it came to be. Strap in for another adventure with Zozo to the salt flats of Bolivia!

The Secret Lives of Two Googly-Eyed Cats is an exciting tale of two cats and their nighttime adventures. The picture book begins with the two kitties sneaking around while their owners sleep. Each day, the two felines hide their secret lives and play with their owner, Penny, only waiting for night to arrive. One night, their nighttime adventures do not go as planned due to unforeseen circumstances. Will the two cats make it out for their adventures? What will they discover if they do?

Fallon’s Digi-Bet: New World Alphabet for the Digital Age takes readers on a journey through the alphabet with a digital lens. The author follows Fallon along as she assigns each letter to a digital term. Fallon’s Digi-Bet covers all sorts of technological terms from browsers to cookies. Get ready for a digital adventure through the world of the internet!


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