Book Reviews by book.maddie

A to Z Animal Alphabet is a picture book chock-full of informational content for young readers. The author moves through the entire alphabet and assigns an animal to each letter. Each animal has a special summary to describe it, and the author includes rhyming words to accompany each animal. The author also incorporates illustrations of each animal, letter, and objects within their unique descriptions. The book ends with a quiz for readers to test their knowledge on each letter’s assigned animal.

A town called Far Away is the perfect and quaint little community of fruit, and it possess a jeweled crown desired by power hungry villains. A family of normal berries, the Larry’s in Far Away, are just like any old family, but they also protect the crown from evil villains like Dr. Winslow-the-Rechet. The story goes back in time to explain Dr. Winslow’s downfall and the Larry brothers’ victory against the villain. Dr. Winslow Rechet became mad with power and sought to destroy the entire town with his destructive machine.

Grow! How We Get Food From Our Garden features a young girl and her grandfather growing plants in a luscious garden. The book outlines the steps of their gardening process like tilling, planting, watering, and harvesting the produce. As the characters wait for the produce to ripen for harvest, the author includes some other parts of nature such as lively animals and their eating habits and other plants outside of the garden such as tall trees and colorful flowers.

A Christmas Love Story begins with a sweet woman named Harmonie Homeowner and her Christmas decorating. Harmonie loves the holidays because she spends time with her big family, and who doesn’t love the holiday magic?! As Harmonie decorates her cozy home for Christmas, the author introduces two ornaments to readers, Nicholas Nutcracker and Brittany Ballerina. While each of them has their specific professions and talents, they are both lacking something in their lives: true love!

The War Among the Paines is a riveting life story of a family that is historically affected by war. Treat Paine narrates this story and explains the history of his family to his wife on the way to his mother’s funeral. He takes us back through WWI, WWII, and both the Korean and Vietnam wars. Throughout the story, Treat attends Cornell University, falls in love with many women, and experiences war for himself. Through each recount of the past, readers learn more about the Paine family complexities and how war has infiltrated everyone’s lives.

The Starlight Bar and Grill begins with two brothers, Scottie and Carl, recently reunited following the death of their father. He established a welcoming eatery and filled it with a cast of vibrant characters, but it closed down when the boys were younger. The brothers are back in town and ready to fire up the grill once more. The story unfolds as the brothers learn to live alongside each other and each of their baggage. Along the way, the brothers reestablish this magnificent place where people from all backgrounds gather to celebrate life and all of its facets.