Book Reviews by book.maddie

My Girly Unicorn is an adventure in the colorful sky on rainbows, under rain clouds, and running along with rowdy young unicorns. This story takes readers through the world of adolescent unicorns and their exciting games and antics. However, some unicorns do not treat a certain unicorn with kindness. When something dark interrupts their light-filled skies, a surprising character emerges as a resilient guide for hope and joy for the other children. Readers will ride along on a vibrant coaster of joy, determination, and confidence in My Girly Unicorn.

Your Body Rocks is a stellar educational children’s book for kids to learn about their bodies and others' bodies. The most important lesson expressed in the book is that every person’s body is special, and it rocks! This book touches on various topics related to anatomy, consent, gender, safety, and growth. It is perfect for readers of any age for them to read along with their parents, ask questions, and learn how special their bodies are!

Family Fun Day is a story set in a winter wonderland called Penguin World. The story follows a young and unique penguin named Tweet Tweet. While at Family Fun Day, Tweet Tweet is feeling somewhat anxious about returning to school. Her mother comforts her and reminds her to focus on the day in front of them and just have fun. After some reassurance, Tweet Tweet runs into her friend, Pegie. Tweet Tweet and Pegie have fun in the snow and ice and talk to many of their school friends; their teacher even shows up!

Isla Dilah’s Nursery Rhymes is written by Isla’s grandmother about the special times they spend together. Nana has incorporated their family animals into classic nursery rhymes and made each of them special for Isla. From Bah Bah Black Sheep to Itsy Bitsy Spider, Nana has created a world of rhyme around Isla Dilah, and readers get to be a part of it!

Come and Play! Exploring Animal Friends is a vibrant picture book about various types of animals. The picture book explores different animals across the globe and takes readers on an educational journey to discover interesting and unknown facts about specific animals. The facts even relate to humans! From beginning to end, this picture book will interest readers with education, nature, and fun!

“Did You Know? Wetland Series” is the perfect educational book for young and curious readers. This picture books takes readers through the ecosystems within wetlands and observes its living creatures. Each page shows clear and bright images of the plants and animals that live within wetlands and answers questions about them. “Did You Know? Wetland Series” will answer unknown facts about wetland organisms that will pique readers’ interests about science and the world around them.