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Down On James Street follows the events of a young man at a dance hosted by the Young Worker’s League in Pittsburgh 1935. On his way there, George meets a delightful young woman named Dorothy who is also on her way to the dance. Once they arrive at the dance, they become dance partners and dance the night away. However, society at the time did not approve of Dorothy and George dancing together because of the differences in their skin color. Later, at the dance, police show up and mayhem ensues over the dancing kids due to the integrated dance.

For All/Para Todos is a story about a young girl and her father seeking a better life in a land that is for all its people. As Flor and her father begin their journey across surrounding borders, their hopes remain high. However, after multiple struggles within their new country, Flor discovers that justice and freedom for all is really justice and freedom for some. Her father informs her about their restrictions as immigrants, and Flor is crushed. After this setback, Flor perseveres and discovers her passion that can help her cope with these unimaginable realizations.

Chickens In The Yard! is a happy and light-hearted glimpse into a lively chicken coop in Annie's yard. The story takes readers through daily life with the hens exploring their laying locations, their names, and some of their unique personalities. From the opening of the coop to the bedtime tuck-in, readers will experience a spunky and quirky day in the life of a chicken in Annie's yard!

Tooth Fairy, What If I Swallowed My Tooth…For Real? is an exciting picture book that takes readers on a journey to find Kaylie’s lost tooth. The story follows Kaylie as she brainstorms various ways to retrieve her tooth for the tooth fairy. After some silly options, Kaylie finally lands on a plausible way to make sure that the tooth fairy can still do her job. Will Kaylie find her tooth? Will the tooth fairy grant Kaylie’s wish?

Fiver Finds Home is a heartwarming story about a unique giraffe finding his place in the world. The story begins with the birth of an unusual blue and purple giraffe in the savanna grasslands of Africa. After Fiver realizes that he does not belong with other animal groups of the savanna, he travels across the world to Savannah, Georgia. In a new place, Fiver discovers that along his journey, he had been given signs leading him to where he was supposed to be. Finally, Fiver finds his true family and learns to embrace his differences.

What About the Creek Walker Monster is a story about a young boy, Daniel, on a quest to discover the monster living near his house. He hears about this peculiar creature from some of his friends. The monster is muddy, smelly, and resembles a mop. Daniel is determined to find out about this monster! He begins to question his father and other people around town to gather more information about the validity of its existence. Does the Creek Walker Monster exist? Will Daniel find the monster?


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