Dragons in a Bag review by MJReads
Dragons in a Bag
by Geneva B, Zetta Elliott
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fantasy

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Age at time of review - 12
Reviewer's Location - New York, NY, United States
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Dragons in a Bag starts with Jaxon and his mother being evicted from their apartment, thus requiring Jaxon to stay with a woman he thinks is his grandmother. But as he looks around, he starts to become suspicious. When Jaxon calls this woman ‘Grandma,’ she says that she isn’t his grandmother - and to call her ‘Ma’. As Jaxon becomes more curious, her answers to his questions just aren’t adding up. Soon, his ‘Ma’ tells him outright that she is, in fact, a witch! More specifically, a witch that needs to make a delivery of dragons to a magical dimension. But when Jaxon calls over his friend to help him with an unexpected hitch, his sister breaks both rules about dragons: to avoid attachment, do not let the dragons out of their container and do not feed them anything sweet. She feeds them a piece of sugary cake, the exact thing that may ruin Jaxon’s quest. He meets people he never knew existed and people he never knew could possibly exist. Will he succeed in saving the dragons?


In my opinion, this was an awesome book. Though not lengthy, this book is a great read with lots of plot events that make it interesting, but the simplicity of its structure makes it a comfortable read. It may be more suited to ages ten and under in terms of difficulty, but all ages can enjoy it. The ambience of the book is rather young, without being juvenile, but it's also energetic, lighthearted, and always moving. All in all, I recommend it to anyone who wants a short book that’s fun and engaging.

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No mature content, no offensive jokes, but references to historic events such as slavery, which may be hard to comprehend for some.

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