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Diary of a Part-Time Ghost
Age Range - 12 and up
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Ashish wanted a normal life, but when his aunt gives him a book his life becomes anything but normal. To start off with the book isn't normal; it can transport him back in time; back to the time of the American Revolution in fact. The time passes at the same speed no matter what time period he is in so he has to balance where he spends his time. Ashish has to save a young girl named Sara. Sara happens to turn out to be one of his ancestors. Ashish has to go back in time to save Sara from many different dangers. 


Diary of a Part Time Ghost by Vered Ehsani, Published 2011. The setting of this book was in the house of the main character, and also Boston during the American Revolution. The main Characters are Ashish Kali, and Sara. Ashish is a young teenage boy who lives in Modern time. Sara is one of Ashish's Ancestors who lived during the American Revolution. Kali is the 'bad guy' of this book. He is the person who is trying to take the book from Ashish throughout the book. The main conflict is between Ashish and Kali. The problem is that Ashish has a very important book that Kali needs to get a hold of in order to get out of the American Revolution time period. I liked the story line. I found it to be very interesting and creative. I also liked how the story was an easy read. I didn't like how short the book was. I found that some of the ideas could have been developed more to make the book longer but over all I did like the book.

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I enjoyed this book very much and found it very entertaining.




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