Vered Ehsani


Blame it on the maps.

I was born in South Africa and when I was five, we moved to Canada. Ever since that transatlantic migration, I wished I had been born in another century - either several centuries in the past or far into the future. What I really wanted was to go into unchartered territories, make the maps and live an adventure story. But pretty much everything that can be mapped on the surface of this planet has been mapped. And as for exploring other planets... well, our spaceships aren't up to that challenge yet.

You can see why my little wish couldn't be granted.

Changing the date of my birth was rather impossible, and time travel was even less practical. So the next best thing was to write about those adventures. And that's what I did. Through stories, I could go to the past or the future, and not just explore new lands, but create them.

I grew up, as kids usually do, and studied Civil Engineering, which has nothing to do with my current job as Assistant Editor of The Ghost Post ( I've traveled the world, lived in different places, learned new languages. In August 2000, my husband and I moved to Kenya, where our son and daughter were both born. So I guess my childhood wish to explore a planet was granted in a way, minus the spaceships.

But I still keep coming back to the adventures found in the pages of a book!

Visit me at as I add more of those new lands and adventures.