Jeremy Austin and the Paladin
Jeremy Austin and the Paladin
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Six teenagers, each the scions of Earth-renowned scientists, are lost on planet Genesis, a hostile alien world 2.4 million light years across the universe. Separated upon their arrival and attacked by monsters and aliens at every turn, these TerraGen teens are always one step ahead of certain death as they search for their missing parents. 


Ruthless thieves of bio technology, Meta Universal has over a hundred soldiers, each equipped with the latest weaponry, searching for the TerraGen’s lost expedition. They will use, control or kill anyone who gets in their way… and that includes Jeremy Austin and his five classmates.


Blade assassin—treasure finder—thorn builder—shadow mage—knight protectorate and sight wielder… these are the destinies of six high school students from Earth. The armies of the Shadow Lord march westward—each will play a role in the defense of the free lands—but survival will rest upon the shoulders of Jeremy Austin and the Paladin.


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Book Details


  • Adventure
  • Science Fiction
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

Jeremy Austin and the Paladin is the continuing story of the TerraGen kids and their quest to find their parents. In the last book, Jeremy, Patrick, Alex, Selene, Marissa, and Leo had discovered that TerraGen’s mission was not all that it seemed. The company claimed to have sent the children’s parents off to some island location in the middle of nowhere, but in fact had sent them to a completely new world millions of light-years away. Upon finding this out, the kids set off through the portal that led to this new world along with a group of hired guns to protect them.

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Six young teens find themselves kidnapped on a hostile planet 2.4 million light-years away from Earth. Six months prior, their parents, brilliant scientists of TerraGen Universal, vanished after being sent to the same planet on an expedition. Working for MetaUniversal Genetics, ex-CIA agent Lachlan Evans, Washington DC power broker Robert Morton, and former security director of TerraGen Benton Keene have also traveled through the portal to planet Genesis.

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When their parents go missing after traveling through a portal to the planet Genesis, six very different teenagers embark on a rescue mission to find them and bring them home. The planet is populated with a collection of dangerous mythological creatures, monsters, and aliens, man-eating gnomes being the most dangerous of all. With the help of a wizard, some princesses, and knights, the kids fight to stay alive while holding out hope that their parents are as well. A team of super-armed soldiers from Meta Universal are also on the hunt for the missing scientists.

Teleported millions of light years away from home to a planet that wasn’t supposed to be inhabited, six high school students have less than a month to find their family members and find the way off this foreign planet. While the Gnome King’s army hunts for the prophesied Paladin, who they suspect is one of the “Earthlanders,” the six teenagers struggle to figure out their place in this strange new world that seems like it came straight out of medieval history books.

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Jeremy has made his way all the way across the galaxy to the planet where his dad and brother are, and his troubles have just begun. The difficulties and obstacles on his path pale in comparison to what is to come. He is faced with hostile aliens, a planet that is alive, betrayal, and magic. When he and his friends arrive on the planet, they must deal with getting separated from their security posse and being chased by aliens in unknown terrain. However, Jeremy and his friends have changed; they are smarter, stronger, and have magic.

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Jeremy Austin and the Paladin is the continuing adventure of Jeremy Austin and the other TerraGen kids that came to planet Genesis. Ever since entering Genesis, the TerraGen kids have faced nothing except hardships and death. Now, the stakes are getting even higher. With the Shadow Lord aware of Jeremy being on Genesis and the Paladin having arrived, the Shadow Lord is sending his armies after Jeremy and his companions. Along the way, the kids eventually split up after an incident, putting the kids in even more danger than ever before.

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