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Roger Tarkinton is finally doing great in middle school.  He's got a hang of his magic calendar and is starting to become friendly with the A-Team, the coolest kids at his school now that Aiden, the boy who had been bullying him, has been suspended. But when Roger unexpectedly uses his magic calendar to view the future, he sees that his future self has become a laughingstock! His house had gotten toilet-papered, with a message saying "Roger is the Worst". Once Roger returns to the present, he realizes he must figure out what has caused someone to want to "TP" his house. Even worse, his best friend E3 reminds him that now that it is December, he has a very, very short amount of time left to use his Magic Calendar before the year ends! Not only that, but his annoying cousin Frankie (who all adults seem to love) may be moving to his school. And things get even crazier when Roger's magic calendar starts working in ways it never has before! Will Roger be able to figure out what's going on and stop whoever is trying to "TP" his house?


Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. The storyline was unique, and I liked the idea of a magic calendar. The author did a great job of showing the characteristics of Roger and the other characters. I felt I got a good understanding of Roger's happy and excited personality. I also understood E3's straightforward but caring personality and Aidan's scary and mean one. This book is the third book in a three part series, but I felt that I had a good understanding of what was going on at the start of the story despite this being the first book I have read in this series. I also think that this book had the perfect amount of suspense and excitement while being a nice, casual read. Overall, I think this is a great book for middle school readers!

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