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Road Trip (Road Trip Series)
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Juvenile Fiction
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 A road trip is formed when a boy named Ben finds out that he can't go to hockey camp during the summer;  he's been waiting anxiously to go when his dad tells him on the first day of summer that he can't. To make up for it, his dad takes him to go rescue a border collie that will be Ben's own. Driving through the west their truck breaks down, along with a few unexpected twists that all lead up to an ending that you'll never forget. Friendships are made, a life saved, problems resolved-it can only be one thing...Road Trip!


  Gary and Jim Paulson bring the statement, "road trip," to a whole new level. On a route to save a border collie, Ben and his father travel through the west. Bringing along a troubled friend, a mechanic, and a unique waitress. But a strange car following them and a car on fire in the middle of nowhere bring this gang of misfits into a dangerous situation. Adding a new dimension to a father and son road trip offers many life lessons everyone can use. For example, how a family can be brought back together and new friendships made on just one trip. This action packed book will have you hooked and wanting more. 


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The book made me happy thinking how people really do care that much about animals who need help. Also, that there's always a friend out there somewhere, just waiting to meet you!




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