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Josephine Sedgwick and Mitchell Morrison are two high schoolers on the eve of graduation. Both have spent their whole lives at Indian Paintbrush Community, tucked away high up in the mountains and living in small cabins.
Everyone at Paintbrush contributes to the community through their life's work. They sell fruits and vegetables at the local farmers market. They live a natural life. Electronics are not allowed.
As Josie and Mitchell’s graduation edges closer and closer, tension rises. They seem to be headed in different directions and along different career paths. But the drama their family members cause pulls them together. In the midst of all the commotion, Josie and Mitchell begin to discover an attraction they have never felt before. When Mitchell decides to get a job far away at a wildlife conservation, Josie wonders how their story will end and if she will leave the comforts of Paintbrush to follow him. 


Paintbrush is a powerful and moving story. Josie and Mitchell are two strong and dynamic characters who have known each other since age two! Their history together, combined with the current turmoil they face, pulls the reader right into their story. Frankly, I didn't want the book to end.

The setting is one of the most distinctive parts of the book, and I personally love the descriptions of the Rocky Mountains and lush forests.

While the twist ending is the most beautiful part of the book, the author tugs the reader along the way to that ending, making the characters, place, and plot easy to visualize. Those who enjoy romance and a deep exploration of true character will enjoy this book.   

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