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When Lucas goes from his deathbed to making a miraculous recovery from cancer, his girlfriend, Emma, who stayed by his side for weeks, begins to notice he's not quite the same as he was before his illness. According to his doctor, that is "quite normal." But when a couple of feds show up at the door, asking to take a look around the family farm, she gets even more concerned. But it doesn't take long before Emma and Lucas's little brother begin putting the pieces together. Can Emma save the boy she loves?

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Josephine Sedgwick and Mitchell Morrison are two high schoolers on the eve of graduation. Both have spent their whole lives at Indian Paintbrush Community, tucked away high up in the mountains and living in small cabins.
Everyone at Paintbrush contributes to the community through their life's work. They sell fruits and vegetables at the local farmers market. They live a natural life. Electronics are not allowed.

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