The Order of the Trees review by Emmaline
The Order of the Trees
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fiction

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Age at time of review - 11
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Cedar is found in the woods underneath a huge cedar tree by two parents. The man is very angry, but his wife immediately falls in love with the baby, who loves her right back. It seemed as if the tree itself had her. Cedar is taken home with them, and the wife decides to keep the baby. Cedar grows up and is homeschooled, until sixth grade. On her first day of school, she gets called "tree girl" because she was found underneath a tree, and she looks like a cedar with her big brown eyes, crazy hair, and skinny arms and legs. She makes a new friend named Philip and asks him to join the Order of The Trees with her.

One day, she is giving a report in class, when all the sudden she faints. This keeps on happening at lunch and at school, until one time she gets taken to the hospital. Philip finds out that this is happening because the forest she was found in is going to be developed into houses. He asks some kids in his class to protest with him the day of the development. Philip visits Cedar and plans to break her out of the hospital when night comes. Will Cedar be all right? Will she get out of the hospital? And most importantly, will the protest work?


This was an exciting book. It held me captive inside its pages and I could not put it down! The only things I did not like was that it uses the Lord's name in vain several times. It also gets a little intense in some parts. I give this book a 4-star rating for those reasons. I would recommend this book to 10-12-year-olds because it is a harder read. The point of voice switches between the characters at points in the story, which made it more interesting. I really loved this book!

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Content rating - some mature content

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The characters use the Lord's name in vain several times.




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