The Order of the Trees
The Order of the Trees
The Order of the Trees
Found as a baby, on a bed of moss under an old growth tree, Cedar’s beginning was a mystery. As she began her sixth grade year, Cedar resembled her namesake with her wild mane of brown hair, her sinewy body, and deer-like eyes. She makes her first true friend, a new student, Phillip, with whom she shares her special woodland spot along with the gifts it brings. When Cedar falls suddenly ill, Phillip discovers that her health is connected to the fate of the forest where she was found. Their special woods are threatened by an impending development, so they create a plan to save it which includes a hospital, a getaway car, and a protest.

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  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Cedar is found in the woods underneath a huge cedar tree by two parents. The man is very angry, but his wife immediately falls in love with the baby, who loves her right back. It seemed as if the tree itself had her. Cedar is taken home with them, and the wife decides to keep the baby. Cedar grows up and is homeschooled, until sixth grade. On her first day of school, she gets called "tree girl" because she was found underneath a tree, and she looks like a cedar with her big brown eyes, crazy hair, and skinny arms and legs.

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