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The Order of the Trees
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fiction
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Cedar is not your average 6th grade girl. When she was a baby, her parents found her in the forest, bundled up at the foot of an ancient cedar tree. Cedar makes a new friend at school named Phillip, and she invites him to join her club called The Order of the Trees.  

Cedar is currently the only member of the secret club. She holds her meetings in the forest where she was found. The trees are very special to her, and she finds it her duty to watch over them. When she explains to Phillip why they are so important, Phillip loves her passion. He quickly grows to love the trees, too.

Cedar has always felt a special connection to the trees, especially the cedar wood. However, she and Phillip find out that her connection is much stronger than anyone could have ever guessed!


Even though this was a fairly short story, I thought that the plot and characters were well developed. I was able to picture Cedar's disheveled appearance in my mind, and I quickly grew to admire her.

The author did an excellent job depicting Cedar as a strong girl who wasn't embarrassed by her past. Through Cedar, the reader can gain an appreciation for Cedar's love of nature. In this way, the story carries a hidden message about the importance of protecting nature. I would highly recommend this book to others.


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This book is appropriate for everyone, especially since the children are such great role models.



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