Book Reviews by Emmaline

Champions of Women's Soccer is a book that gives facts about some of the best women to play soccer, as well as some facts like the top 10 goals ever made and some of the history of soccer. The opening chapter is about Mia Hamm, followed Abby Wambach, Michelle Akers, Kristine Lilly, and eight other U.S. soccer stars. One of the stories is about Hope Solo, who became the goalie for the U.S. national team. She grew up in Richland, Washington, where she played soccer in high school and was a forward, scoring 109 goals. She received a scholarship to University of Washington to play goalie.

The Curious Club is a book about a girl who is...well, curious. She sees a boy who is sad, and she is concerned. She goes over to him to ask why he is so sad. She also asks him a variety of other questions—some serious, some silly—but all show that she cares. The boy says she is very curious, and she tells him she likes to learn about everything. She asks the boy if he wants to join her club, and he says yes.

Every Critter Has a Tale is about Bear. One day her grandmother is telling her a story, and Bear falls asleep. She dreams about Salmon, and suddenly she is Salmon, swimming in the stream, jumping up the waterfalls and rapids. She gives thanks for Salmon and his brothers for their will to persevere. She sees Eagle in a tree and flies up to see how all the animals are connected. She thanks Eagle for showing her a new view of the world. Butterfly tells Bear her story of change. Bear gives thanks for the story and for the beauty Butterfly gives to the world.

This book is about a girl named Emily Whayne and her doberman, Xena. One day people in a van are following Emily. The next day, three men watch as Emily competes in a martial arts tournament. Those same men show up at her swim meet. At a horse ranch, a group of men then try to kidnap her. She gets past them through a clearing and runs into another group of people, who seem to be protecting her from the men but also try to kidnap her.

Jillian Dangerous and the Peculiar Adventure is about a girl who goes to a brand-new school. Jillian gets bullied by a girl named Maddie, and she has the choice to either do cyberschool or go to Crest International, her mom's alma mater. Jillian picks Crest International. When she arrives, Jillian meets new friends Sadie, Samantha, and Megan. They have a good time together, but then Maddie shows up! Jillian doesn't know how, but Maddie keeps coming back into her life. A storm comes, and Jillian begs her friends to stay out with her.

I ran to the mountains. There, I met a singing goat who gave me bread and water. What would you do with this gift from an unlikely source? See how to make the most of what you are given in this cute short story for early readers.