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Jillian Dangerous and the Extraordinary Secret is the second book in the Jillian Dangerous series. Jillian and her friends are still stuck at Crest Academy in 1965, and they are trying to find a way to get back home. Jillian thinks they should go into the old French embassy mansion, because she sees a flickering purple light in the window and thinks it is a sign from God that they should go in. Despite this, her friends won’t go. Will they ever agree, and if so, what will they choose?

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Jillian Dangerous and the Peculiar Adventure is about a girl who goes to a brand-new school. Jillian gets bullied by a girl named Maddie, and she has the choice to either do cyberschool or go to Crest International, her mom's alma mater. Jillian picks Crest International. When she arrives, Jillian meets new friends Sadie, Samantha, and Megan. They have a good time together, but then Maddie shows up! Jillian doesn't know how, but Maddie keeps coming back into her life. A storm comes, and Jillian begs her friends to stay out with her.

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I ran to the mountains. There, I met a singing goat who gave me bread and water. What would you do with this gift from an unlikely source? See how to make the most of what you are given in this cute short story for early readers.

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Epic Kids is a book about a middle school boy named Jake. One day, three kids ask him to sit at their table and include him in their plans to skip school and go to a movie. Jake decides to go for it. He tells his mom that he isn't going to school tomorrow. She leaves him home alone the next day with a doctor's note to excuse him from school. After she leaves, Jake looks out the window, and his three new friends are in a car on his driveway. Jake is in for a day he never dreamed could be possible.

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