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The Ammolite Adventures: Bluestone (Volume 1)
by C.E. Johnson, C. E. Johnson
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy

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Age at time of review - 12
Reviewer's Location - Orange City, IA, United States
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This book is about a girl named Emily Whayne and her doberman, Xena. One day people in a van are following Emily. The next day, three men watch as Emily competes in a martial arts tournament. Those same men show up at her swim meet. At a horse ranch, a group of men then try to kidnap her. She gets past them through a clearing and runs into another group of people, who seem to be protecting her from the men but also try to kidnap her.

Emily tells Dr. Dalton all that has happened, and he shares some secrets he has been hiding from her—one, that she is from a parallel universe. A knock at the door interrupts them. Dr. Dalton hides Emily and Xena before the visitors enter, but he is taken to government officials for questioning. Emily and Xena go home, where Emily gets a dream-link from Dr. Dalton. He shows her how to enter the portal to Acacia. Will Emily and Xena go? Why is Dr. Dalton being taken for questioning? Who is trying to kidnap her?


I like this book for its excitement and interesting content. The book starts with action right away, filling in gaps and explanations at appropriate times as the story progresses. The bond Emily has with her dog adds a fun and different dimension to make the book unique. I love the numerous and layered plots that feature the bad guys, government, and mystery and secrecy around Dr. Dalton to keep the reader guessing.

However, one, rather significant critique I have is that there is an inappropriate relationship between characters that makes me uncomfortable. I would have given this book five stars if not for two scenes involving nudity, which I feel this book certainly could have done without. I was disappointed because this book is so good otherwise. Given the adult sexual content, I recommend this book only to mature readers.

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A man who's already married loves a woman, and she loves him back. He also sees her naked twice.




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