Mirage review by PokeFan16ganes
Mirage (Above World)
by Jenn Reese
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fantasy

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Age at time of review - 12
Reviewer's Location - Auburn, New York, United States
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The battle of HydroTek is over and Aluna and her friends find even more difficulties. As time went on more and more things were going wrong. The only thing they could do was go to the city of Mirage - where High Khan Onggur lives. Unfortunately when they reach the city of Mirage they all see something really disheartening. They were too late to warn Dash’s people, also known as the four-hooved Equians of the desert. While they were at Mirage they teamed up with a human “upgrader” (that is, a technologically enhanced human/cyborg) who calls herself Scorch – another of Strand’s clones.

Together, the unlikely group and Tayan head back to the Equians of Shining Moon – where Dash faces likely death. Aluna had a task not to only save her friend, but also convincing the people of Shining Moon that Khan Onggur’s alliance with Karl Strand will only bring death and destruction to the Equians and all who live in Above World. Aluna has convince the people of Shining moon to challenge the High Khan in the upcoming Thunder Trials and to win power of all of herds to stop the Equians from going to war as Karl Strands army.

As things seem to be terrible there is another problem. Alunas’ morphing legs. As this is normal for a Kampii to grow their tail it comes at the worse time. Instead of being in the ocean they are in the middle of the desert who knows how far away from the ocean. With so many lives at stake depending on her and her strength in battle, this might be the most dangerous secret of all.


With the morphing of Alunas’ tail and with great battles up ahead they have to have a plan. With her trusty horse Tal the group needs to make a saddle so that Aluna had some sort of transportation during the battles. Also Huko gave Aluna a Force Shield (A shield that will bounce off attacks when a button is clicked) at the beginning of the last fight. Also before the fight Dash said he had something and Aluna said “Is it a weapon?” She then found out is was a necklace for good luck.

Who wins at the Thunder Trials is for you to find out.



This book is amazing! As if the first book wasn’t good enough when this book came out and I read it I was so happy! When I read the book I feel like I am with Aluna and her team during the adventure. The book really doesn’t have a set mood/tone because there are so many different emotions. For instance one time Aluna was so happy she let out her biggest secret, but there was also times where Aluna was scared.

The author does a great job of bringing the characters to life. It feels like they are with me! I believe they are real people(Or Creatures) because the author explains them so well that I feel like I can draw a picture of what they all look like.  Another thing is that I like all the characters in the book so I feel more into it.

The narrator was a little more serious than I expected. I really wanted to see the narrator  give a little joke here and there, but it never happened. I would think that the author definitely achieved her goal of entertaining the reader. Also I think the writing is effective and powerful with how much the author went into depth.


To be honest with the strengths and weaknesses I feel like it had no weaknesses and had a lot of strengths. One strength I think it has, like I have said a lot, is how well the author took their time to explain how the character looks so you can have a picture in your head.


This book is beyond all the other books I have read of the same genre or type. I found this book to be very interesting because at the end of each chapter there would be a cliffhanger and you would want to read the next chapter. Another thing is that I loved the ending because it is going to get the reader to want to read the next book in the trilogy.


From reading this book I learned something very important. Perseverance. In the book Aluna didn’t give up in her fights and when her Khan told her to let the Khans’ father win you wouldn’t. I would very much recommend this book to all people! This book is an action packed adventure waiting to be explored!

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Content rating - some mature content

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At the End if the book at had a lot of fighting.

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