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The Magic of Melwick Orchard
by Rebecca Caprara
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fantasy
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 14
Reviewer's Location - Maurice, IA, United States
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The Magic of Meliwick Orchard is a wonderful story about a girl whose life has been flipped upside down. Not only has her little sister gotten sick but her parents have forgotten about her in the process. Isa's parents don't notice when her shoes grow gaping holes and when she wears the same clothes over and over. They don't even remember to pick her up from school sometimes. One day, she takes a hike into the 'haunted' orchard behind their home and finds a chance seedling. She buries her shoes there because they are pretty worthless. Soon, the tree sprouts bearing magical fruit containing brand new shoes. Isa is thrilled, but when she tries to use the tree to help her sister with money, it stops working. Can Isa save her family, sister, and tree? Find out in The Magic of Melwick Orchard.


The Magic of Melwick Orchard is an amazing story. The main character's struggles are very relatable. She struggles to make friends and share secrets that might make it hard to say goodbye. Isa also works very hard to gain the attention of her parents when the rough going distracts them. It a real page turner. The excitement and worry for the characters keeps you reading. Isa's little sister's sickness makes you want to reach out and comfort the entire family. One thing I might like to see expanded on is the story of another patient Isa meets in the hospital, Gregory. He seems to have an interesting story of his own, maybe even another book. Overall, it was a marvelous book that I would recommend to any friend.

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