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In the final installment of The Five Stones Trilogy our heroes make their final stand against Dankar, the main enemy in the land of Ayda.  His goal is to grab all the stones of power, which do many things like control the wind or start an earthquake.  Dankar has had one of the four stones of power for a long time, but he is finally ready to make a grab for the other three.  Rothermel, the keeper of Melor, is doing all he can to keep Dankar from capturing the realm of Melor along with Rothermel’s stone. 

Unfortunately, even with all of Rothermel’s efforts, the enemy Exorians who follow Dankar take Rothermel prisoner.  They bring him and his stone to Dankar.  The only stone of the remaining three that seems safe in the long run is Ratha’s. (Ratha is the keeper of the realm of Varuna).  Chase, one of the heroes, is doing all he can to persuade her to join the battle and to help stop their enemies.  Until now, Ratha was deaf to his pleas, but when Melor falls, she begins to listen. 

Now, with the help of Ratha, Chase rejoins his family and they journey to rescue Rothermel and find the Metrian stone to combat Dankar.  Ratha stays at her mountaintop fortress and helps them from afar.  Join our heroes as they make their final stand to stop Dankar and save the magical land of Ayda.  Will they win the battle and make it back to their normal lives?


I thought The Kinfolk was a really good book; it met my expectations and then some.  Throughout the series, I have come to love each and every one of the characters, and I loved them in this book just as much as the previous ones.  They were described so well I felt like I was right there with them during the entire journey.  Knox was daring, kind, and really wanted to protect his family.  Chase was brave and very loyal.  I also liked how well the story flowed.  The themes of family, friendship, and teamwork were prevalent throughout.  I didn’t find myself bored at any point in the book.  I would recommend this book to anyone who has read the previous books.

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There was some death.




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