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K.I.D.S. Stuff: The Mostly, Probably True Adventures of the Kids Imaginary Defense Squad by Garrett Dane is an awesome, action-packed adventure about ordinary kids who have trained to do extraordinary things. They get to ride in or fly unique raft-ships with top-notch technology and equipment. They meet at a secret base and even use special gadgets that give them a chance to act like super-heroes. Each one has chosen to join one of the K.I.D.S. teams that patrol around the world after school, activities, and family life wind down. 

When young kids are afraid of the dark at bedtime, parents tell them they are safe and that monsters don't exist - except that's not true in this story. When bogeymen and other mythical creatures are lurking in closets and hiding under beds at night, young kids are saved by a K.I.D.S. Squad. The Squad is always close by, ready to defend the children. 

The best part of the book is that the characters act silly and banter with each other like real kids, but they're serious about working together and doing the right thing in sometimes lousy circumstances. That's what happens when the bogeymen get stronger in the story and try to defeat the Squad. The characters have various mysteries and problems to solve that give them opportunities to show off how they face fear, confront challenges, and accept that surprises and change are a very real part of life. This book's a long one, 278 pages, but I promise there's not a single boring page!


K.I.D.S. Stuff is fantastic because it’s about the unexpected! It’s imaginative, multi-faceted, and well-thought-out.  I think kids ages 8 and up would like that this book is about all sorts of different interesting creatures. More importantly, I bet they’d like reading a story about a whole other world out there somewhere that no one should know exists. It’d also appeal to middle school or young high-school students because it addresses how the Squad kids feel about growing up once they realize they will forget these incredible once-in-a-lifetime adventures one day. 
For such a complicated book, it’s easy to read and understand. All of the characters are full of life and personality. Some of them are serious. Others are outrageous, and the creatures seem more funny than scary. I especially liked reading the humorous fun facts and other special information that is explained in footnotes throughout the book. For readers who like plenty of suspense, this book is fast-paced and full of surprises! It’d make a great movie!

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