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Roger Tarkington and the Magic Calendar by I.M. Maynard is an entertaining look at daily life for students at Jefferson Middle School. Roger, a new 6th grader, is excited on the first day of school. He’s on a special mission to make his name great, and he thinks Kyle the Vile Brossman, who bullied him incessantly in elementary school, was redistricted to the brand-new Franklin Middle School. Imagine Roger’s surprise when he realizes Kyle moved over the summer.

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K.I.D.S. Stuff: The Mostly, Probably True Adventures of the Kids Imaginary Defense Squad by Garrett Dane is an awesome, action-packed adventure about ordinary kids who have trained to do extraordinary things. They get to ride in or fly unique raft-ships with top-notch technology and equipment. They meet at a secret base and even use special gadgets that give them a chance to act like super-heroes. Each one has chosen to join one of the K.I.D.S. teams that patrol around the world after school, activities, and family life wind down. 

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