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     Trick or Treat: The Story of the Switch Witch and How She Came to Be is an awesome book about Halloween! Young Abigail is a witch who lives in Transylvania where everyone looks forward to Harvest Night. This is the one time of year when witches and warlocks attend the mortals’ extra-fun activities in town. Unfortunately, Abigail can’t stand that the treats run out every year, and some participants go home empty-handed. She wants her friends and family to have sweets too. When she least expects it, a bright idea comes to her, and it works even better than she imagines. She winds up known around the world as the Switch Witch. Find out more about it all if you read this fun story! You will be glad you did!


     Trick or Treat… by Dr. Antoinette Corley-Newman is an upbeat, quick to read, 54 page story that is filled with wonderful pictures on every page. They set the mood for the positive aspects of Halloween and bring the characters’ personalities to life. I like Abigail’s bold, fair-minded spirit best. She is a terrific role model. She’s not satisfied with the sweet treat situation until she finds a way for them to be shared with her fellow witches and warlocks. She also thinks mortals should receive a prize in return for gifting their treats, and she doesn’t want to solve the problem for one night either. She courageously wants treats to be shared all year. The story is written for 5-8 year olds, so it’s great for new readers or for parents who want to read a special story to their kids. Teachers could read it out loud in class to celebrate fall. I don’t think whether or not you love Halloween matters! This book would be hard for anyone to resist because it is so cheerfully put together.

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