The Journey of the Marked (The Miyran Heir Series ...
The Journey of the Marked (The Miyran Heir) (Volume 1)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Science Fiction
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The Miyran Heir: The Journey of the Marked is a book about five friends and their journey to become protectors.  These five friends are all from different species, who live on a planet called Zolei:  Eros, a male Human; Tip, a male Liput; Azetan, a male Plinte; Prizene, a female Krystic; and Kenrya, a female Arlian.  All of them wake up on their respective sixteenth birthdays discovering they have been marked.  The mark is a sign from Lady Anyamae that she has chosen them to become her warriors.  They are called to protect Lady Anyamae and her heir, the only two Miyrans left alive.  Her heir has not yet come of age, so is not strong enough to use his special abilities.   Two bad species called the Graeliths and the Tyrnotts want to kill her heir.  If the heir dies, everything is lost and the world of Zolei will fall into complete turmoil.  If they succeed, another species can come and harvest all the good resources and leave Zolei a shell.  The strong species of Zolei would also be taken and would become slaves, and the Tyrnotts and Graeliths would be accepted as kings on the other planet.  So the five recently marked teens go on a journey to find the secret training camp that can only be seen by the marked.  Will the five friends find the training camp safely?  Will the Graeliths and the Tyrnotts prevail and kill the heir? Find out yourself in this thrilling adventure!


I really liked The Miyran Heir: The Journey of the Marked as it was very adventurous, thrilling, and action-packed. The author, Rebecca P. McCray, did a really good job with developing each and every character and gave them some very fitting personality traits.  For example, Tip, the Liput, was a comedian who liked to crack jokes.  The author also did a good job making the characters, and even the world they live on, seem convincing.  One of the only flaws that I saw with the book, though, was that a lot of the time it kept flipping between three through five stories.  This, at times, made it difficult to follow the story line.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, mystery, or excitement, but can also handle some death and blood.  I am anxiously awaiting book two and hope it comes out soon.

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Some blood, death, and other mature content.




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