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I, Sofia-Elisabete is an adorable story reminiscent of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Told through the eyes of young Sofia-Elisabete, this story tells the tale of loss, gain, and family love. Written as if from the 1800s, this tale follows the journey of Sofia-Elisabete, a child born outside of wedlock. She was abandoned by her parents at a young age and left on the streets. A kind nun, however, found her and took care of her until one day her father found her again. Sofia-Elisabete was naturally overjoyed and ready to begin a new life with her new-found father, Colonel Fitzwilliam.

As Sofia-Elisabete narrates her life with her father and the ensuing drama, love, and general childish actions to be expected from a five-year-old girl, she finds herself on a journey to discover a perfect world where her father is not troubled with sadness over secrets untold and she can have a real, permanent family. Will Sofia-Elisabete’s innocent child actions save the day?


While it may come across as a story for young children, this book would actually make a better fit for those who have already been acquainted with Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The story surrounding the book’s namesake, Sofia-Elisabete, is a little rough around the edges and not best suited for younger children. 

Overall, I thought this book was excellent! It’s an adorable story that reminded me of stories from the 1800s or earlier. To have such a book written nowadays is rare, and this story should be treasured! While at times it seems as if the vocabulary can’t decide whether to match the present-day or the 1800s, this flaw is easily ignored. 

This book has phrases in French (and other languages that are never clearly defined) scattered throughout the story. Most books with this element provide a translation, but this book never does. However, I do not think missing the translation of the phrases interfered with my understanding of the story.

The characters are developed well and kept my interest. Sofia-Elisabete is a typical girl who wants to do boyish things but is kept back by her father and society. She is a young heroine with a smart brain that she uses to not only help herself but others as well. The rest of the characters each have their own distinct voices and all have their time in the spotlight.

In conclusion, I think this story is wonderful and definitely worth the time to read!

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There is no language or explicit scenes, but the main character was, as the book says, "born out of love, not marriage." I would not recommend that a child who does not understand this concept read this book alone.




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