Gypsy Legends: The Quest for Peace (Book 4) review...
Gypsy Legends: The Quest for Peace (Full Moon Book 4)
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fantasy

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Gypsy Legends: A Quest For Peace is about a girl named Clara and a boy called Luke. They both have special magical abilities, and Luke is a Gypsy. It is near Christmas, and Luke’s clan is on the move because the Gypsy Council has called a meeting for all the different Gypsy clans. The clan is almost there when they are ambushed and the Gypsy Council members taken hostage. Luke runs away, because someone is trying to kidnap him too. Clara, unaware of this danger that has befallen her friend, finds him in the woods behind her house in bad shape. He fills her in and they come to the conclusion that they must run away. Clara’s aunt covers for Clara and tells her parents that she is staying by her. They are leaving Aunt Selina’s house when they are captured. Who captured them? Will they escape? And most importantly, can they still save the clans?


I was excited to continue reading the thrilling Full Moon series. I couldn't put it down, but it did have more intense moments than the other book (characters getting knocked out and one person dying). The author added new characters which I really liked as it added more to the story. I didn't like the use of God's name in vain. The ending was great, and I liked how each chapter switched viewpoints from Clara to Luke. I would recommend this book to 10-12-year-old kids who like suspenseful books.

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God's name is used in vain and parts were intense with a bit of violence.




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