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Girl Z: My Life As A Teenage Zombie
by C.A. Verstraete
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Juvenile Fiction
Five Star Award

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Once zombies start to show up, they start to take over the world. When the first show up, Becca and Carm try to stay inside but they see someone they know outside. Its Carm's older brother Spence and he is infected with the virus. They think if they pull him inside they will be able to save him but he is far past saving. Spence ends up dying, but not before Becca gets scratched and infected. Lucky for Becca, her family gets her to the hospital before she turns full zombie. Becca and Carm must then get away from their town because everybody wants to kill zombies and half-zombies. Once they try to run, everybody who sees them tries to kill them and the zombies try to eat them. They must get to Becca’s friend's house so that they can get away from everybody. 


I found this book to be very interesting and well written. It kept my interest until the very last page. There were many nights that I fell asleep reading this book because I didn't want to put it down. I enjoyed how it showed what Becca was feeling and thinking. You could really tell how she was feeling about being a zombie and how it was changing her on the inside and outside. 

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Content rating - some mature content

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There is some violence in this book, which I think might not be appropriate for a reader younger than 13. It doesn't go into much detail about killing the zombies but there are many times when the book does talk about Becca or Carm having to kill zombies and what they do to kill them.

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