Drasine (Book 3) review by moseso
Drasine: Young Adult Fantasy Action Adventure Thriller with Fantastical Magical Beasts (Sam Green and the WhipEye Great Ones, Book 3)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 15
Reviewer's Location - Spring Hill, Tennessee, United States
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Geoffrey Saign’s Sam Green and the WhipEye Great Ones takes yet another wild rollercoaster ride in the latest installment, Drasine. Sam and Jake are now seasoned warriors, but nothing can prepare them for the fight looming on the horizon. 

The two are blackmailed into capturing the magical dragon, Drasine, or else Jake dies due to an impossible-to-remove bomb strapped to his arm. The clock is ticking and the race is on for Drasine, the coveted dragon who just so happens to be protected by a magical being that no one has been able to overcome. With Sam and Jake, the impossible often becomes reality. 

As the stakes continue to climb even higher, Sam finds herself desperate to save Jake from his looming fate, no matter the cost. But with the feared Evil One seeking out the very dragon that will save Jake, the two can’t decide whom to trust and whom to avoid. With twists and turns and surprises around every corner, the latest addition to this series does not disappoint!


It’s hard to imagine that Drasine could possibly top its predecessors, but somehow it manages to knock them out of the water! With every book continuing to be more exciting and worth the time to read, I could not be more excited to see where this series is headed.

Sam and Jake take the stage once again in the third installment of Sam Green and the WhipEye Great Ones by Geoffrey Saign. When Jake unwillingly has a ticking time bomb attached to his arm at the start of the story, it’s obvious that the characters are in for a whirlwind of action. As Sam and Jake embark to capture the book’s namesake, Drasine, we see the two grow closer but also farther apart as Jake seems to be struggling with something but refuses to tell Sam what’s troubling him. This conflict makes for some excellent character development in the midst of the thundering action revolving around the main characters. 

The plot was genius and executed perfectly. The characters were marvelous and all had their time in the spotlight. Easy to read and comprehend, the story is simply written but communicates the plot with excellence.

The story is one-hundred percent clean and age appropriate (pre-teen to teen). I cannot stress enough how amazing this series is, and I absolutely recommend it to all fantasy lovers!

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