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After relieving Imperial ArcNos from the clutches of the Avatars of Fate, the Hybrids and their friends now feel the weight of five years of secure jobs and building families. When the Avatars of Fate start making moves again, the Hybrids are forced to forsake their jobs in order to once again help their country defend itself.

As they become increasingly aware of how entrenched the Avatars are in their lives, they begin to see that much of their futures were orchestrated from the beginning. Will the complacency of five years’ time be too much for the Hybrids to overcome when they battle the Avatars again? What else have the Avatars cooked up in their labs that the Hybrids will be forced to face? Will old memories and old families reveal themselves as being more than they seem?


Into Antiquity features the characters I love from the first book, Elder Blood, and I love the logic of the plot's beginning. However, as the story progresses many new, fanciful things are introduced that do not always make much sense. I enjoy the introduction of a few new characters because they add more to the depth of the characters already present, and they themselves become a part of the world I love in this series.

Where the first book has travel and intrigue, this novel has rooted families and secure jobs. As the characters progress, the weight of society and families presses on them, which is a great development as they meet these challenges. I find this book mainly satisfactory except for a confusing and chaotic ending. The narrative ends abruptly, cutting off closure I feel is needed after a few rather unpleasant events.

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There are curse words used, understandably, in dire situations. There is no sexual content.




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